The Old Narrative of Religious Sentiment Won’t Save You  – PDP Group Lambasts Governor Sule

The Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), has vehemently condemned the remarks made by Governor Abdullahi Sule that two Christian Judges on the State Election Petitions Tribunal conspired to remove him from office.

The CPDP said that whipping up the old narrative of religious sentiment would not save Governor Sule from booted out of office. CPDPL said the Governor remark were a deliberate attempt to dent the integrity and impartiality of the judicial, and to arm twist and blackmail the Justices with such crude religion blackmail capable of inflaming the already overheated polity. 

Governor Sule while reacting to the verdict of the State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal, had alleged that two Christian judges conspired to remove him from office due to religious sentiments.

The governor, who made the remarks during the 2023 Peace and Development Summit for Young University Students in Abuja in a viral video said: “A lot of you must have read the tribunal ruling in our state when two of the judges, who are Christians, decided that a Christian won the election and one Muslim judge decided that it is the Muslim who won the election.”

But, the CPDP in a statement on Thursday in Abuja signed by the National Secretary, Alhaji Tasiu M. Muhammed and director, Media and Publicity, Rashidat Abubakar, said Governor Sule has forgotten so soon that, it was a Christian INEC returning officer, Professor Tanko Ishaya that declared him a Muslim APC candidate governor as against a Christian PDP candidate whom the tribunal has confirmed actually won the election.

CPDPL said Governor Sule’s comment is indicative of one of the major reasons as to why the good people of Nasarawa State voted to sack him as Governor. He poses serious threat to the political and societal equanimity of Nasarawa State in particular and Nigeria in general.

The statement reads in part: 

“We vehemently condemned in totality gov. A. A. Sule’s comments, which seek to divide our society along religious lines. 

It’s so unfortunate that, Mr. A. A. Sule, the out going governor of Nasarawa state will forget so soon that, it was a Christian Independent  National Electoral Commission (INEC) returning officer, the university of Jos Vice Chancellor Professor Tanko Ishaya, who hails from Zuru Local Government Area (LGA) of Kebbi state that declared him a Muslim APC candidate governor as against a Christian PDP candidate whom the tribunal has confirmed won the election.

The statement of the out going Gov. A. A. Sule, has exposed one of the major reasons why the good people of Nasarawa  state with the PVC power rejected the APC and it’s governorship candidate in the march 18th, 2023, elections which the court has confirmed. 

It is a lack of character for gov. A. A Sule to have stoop so low to make such sweeping and unfounded sentimental claims regarding the religious affiliations of the tribunal judges who presided over the Nasarawa State election case.

Gov. A. A. Sule re-eventing this old narrative which was used by greedy northern politicians to wheep up sentiment and deceive  their guible follows, when they are not given appointment at the federal level, in this case, judgement to retrieve stolen mandate, will not safe him.

The remarks were a deliberate attempt to tent the integrity and impartiality of the judicial system and arm twist them with barbaric propaganda. 

“But Nasarawa State is known for its rich diversity and the peaceful coexistence of people from various religious backgrounds. Our strength lies in our ability to live together in harmony, respecting one another’s beliefs, and working collectively towards the progress of Nasarawa state. We must uphold these values and refrain from making statements that could undermine our shared heritage of unity.”

They called on the governor to retract his statements and apologise for any offence caused by his remarks. Nasarawa state is PDP and PDP is Nasarawa state. 

“It is essential for our leaders to set an example of responsible leadership and to promote inclusivity, respect, and tolerance,” they stated.

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