One Kingdom, Two Kings: PDP Group Blasts APC, NNPP, Urges Kano Indigenes To Reject Tinubu, Yusuf In 2027, Gives Damagum New Mandate – CPDPL

A pressure and advocacy group in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Concerned PDP League Kano State Chapter (CPDPL Kano Chapter), has called on indigenes and residents of the state to demonstrate their frustrations and rejections in 2027 by voting against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, for desecrating the Kano State traditional institution, perpetrating high level insecurity and wide spread hunger in the state.

The Kano State Chapter of CPDPL allegedly accused the APC led federal government and NNPP led state government of creating a federal emir and a state emir respectively, which is first of it’s kind in kano’s traditional history. And that both the APC led federal administration and the NNPP led state administration one year in office is a monumental disaster for the indigenes and residents of Kano State.

Addressing newsmen in Dala local government area of Kano State on Tuesday afternoon, the CPDPL Kano chapter leader comrade Aminu Ishaq Umar said, ” it’s saddening to see that, the revered traditional stool of Kano emirate has been politicised to the extend that, we now have Federal Emir, which is a creation of the President Tinubu led APC Federal Government, and a State Emir, which is a creation of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf led NNPP State Government. This is a desecration of our traditional institution and I call on all well meaning indigenes of Kano and citizens of Nigeria to prevail on President Tinubu and Governor Yusuf to revert back to the status quo before the Abdullahi Umar Ganduje led APC state government in Kano liad the foundation for the desecration and destruction of the institution. This would have not happen under a PDP government.”

“I want to advise our traditional rulers to resist every temptation to get involved in politics and desist from doing so in order not to give room to politicians to desecrate our traditional institutions.”

Comrade Umar also described the one year in office of the NNPP led state government in Kano and the APC led federal government as a monumental disaster with excruciating hunger and insecurity in Kano state. 

“A few hours ago, I spoke with some farmers, they were all complaining of the insecurity and hunger. There’s wide spread hunger occasioned by wide spread insecurity in the country, most especially in the north. I have not seen a state and country where they shamelessly celebrate monumental and gigantic disaster and failure of one year in office. A basket of tomatoes under PDP in 2015 was about N500 and N750, but today under the NNPP led state goverment and APC led federal government, a basket of tomatoes cost between N13,000 to N15,000.”

“And that’s why, I am urging Kano state indigenes and residence to reject Governor Yusuf led NNPP government in Kano State and President Tinubu led APC Federal government with their votes. Now that even blind Kano people have seen the great failure of the NNPP and APC government, I believe, my people will gladly vote for the PDP in 2027.” 

Comrade Umar’s discontent with the Kano emir impasse, high insecurity and wide spread hunger reflects broader sentiments within Kano PDP ranks, indigenes and residents of Kano state.

However, Comrade Umar commended and called on the acting National Chairman of PDP Ambassador Damagum, to transmit power to the younger generation.

“I want to commend our noiseless and silent achieving acting National Chairman Ambassador Umar iliya Damagum, and urge him to see himself as a transitional leader who should ensure the transmission of  power to the younger generation at the expiration of his tenure in office, just as our National Leader Comrade D. Z. Warmate has consistently insisted.

And I also want to call on members of our great party in Kano state to remain united in the interest of the suffering indigenes and residence of the state and the party, most especially as the ward, local government area and state congresses are fast approaching, so we can deliver our great party come 2027, from assembly to presidency.”

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