Claims Against Damagum: PDP Activist Taunts Former North West Governor

A very vocal PDP activist and researcher, Comrade Daboikiabo Z. Warmate, has described as absolute falsehood and cheap political propaganda and blackmail, the claim by a two-time former PDP Governor from the North West zone, that the Acting National Chairman Amb. Umar Ilya Damagum has yet to present his plan for the party before stakeholders.

Comrade Warmate, stated this while reacting to the allegation against Amb. Damagum’s non-presentation of his plan for the party to stakeholders, and reminded the former North West PDP Governor of how the Acting National Chairman has met with several party stakeholders to chart a way forward for the party with his all-encompassing unity plan. Comrade Warmate wondered whether the former governor from the North West was an absentee stakeholder, which perhaps may explain why the former Governor was unaware of Damagum’s Plan and Agenda for Action. 

According to Comrade, “I want to state unequivocally that there’s no oita or element of truth in the claim by the two-time former governor from the northwest zone, who refused to unwrapped his veil or to reveal his identity, knowing fully well that, his claim against Amb. Damagum is utter and total falsehood, self-serving, and cheap political propaganda.”

“Since the emergence of Damagum in March 2023, he has been able to deactivate and defuse the tension in the party that was at the precipice of detonation or explosion, even in the face of ingratitude and unwarranted provocation and contempt.”

The researcher who is also the National Leader of a pragmatic pressure group, the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL) said that “The Acting National Chairman from all available records and facts, has met with several stakeholders and he is still meeting with more party stakeholders to chart a way forward for the party with his all-encompassing unity plan for the party, before anything else. In his first meeting with stakeholders in Bauchi State, he urged stakeholders to make the needed sacrifices for the peace, unity, and progress of the party by letting ‘Bygones Be Bygones.”

“After that, Damagum has met with the following party stakeholders: state chairmen, founding fathers, ex officio’s members, minority caucus members of both the green and red chambers, former NWC members, some youths, PDP governors forum, and several other stakeholders and aggrieved members of our great party and during these engagements presented his action plan of unity and peace as the only panacea to Nigerians trusting PDP again and ensuring our electoral victories and secure the political future of our young party patriots, Comrade Warmate said.”

He said, “It is a herculean task to manage a party already riddled in crisis with some greedy and self-serving and self-absorbing stakeholders, who only care about their ambition, interest, and the interest of their cronies, while the collective interest of the party means nothing and doesn’t matter. But despite these challenges, Amb Damagun is addressing an inherited and heavy workload in the face of unfounded allegations, attacks, and innuendos. Amb. Damagum is a great listener, open-minded, and easily accessible to many and open-minded leaders.

“As a senior stakeholder that can have access to the Acting National Chairman, talking to the press and hiding his identity expose, the evil political propaganda and agenda informed by personal political interest.

“I will use this opportunity to commend our dynamic National Chairman for continuing his good work of bringing peace and unity to our great party and that PDP faithful in Nigeria and diaspora are already and will continue to reward him with their support  for all his hard work, dedication and love for our great party, the PDP.”

“We will not allow anyone to truncate the Progressive he has achieved so far as a legacy national chairman, who has put in so much effort to get to this milestone,” the PDP activist stated.

He, however, cautioned those who are not happy that Amb. Damagum is on the verge of ending the crisis in the party because they are profiting from the crisis in the party and as such don’t want it to end to desist from their disgraceful act and join hands with Amb. Damagum to build a stronger opposition PDP that can be in the nearest future the ruling party if they truly mean well for PDP.

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