Storm In Rivers PDP: CPDPL Condemns Wike’s Attack On Atiku Associates

The Chairman of the Rivers State Chapter of the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), Comrade Collins Isiguzo, has condemned the action of security operatives attached to Governor Wike, for sealing off a petrol station and hotels belonging to Atiku’s supposed loyalists In Rivers State and arrested staff and customers.

Yesterday afternoon we were greeted with the news of Governor Wike’s security personnel sealing business premises and arresting staff and customers of PDP members perceived to be loyal to Atiku.

“It is beyond conjecture that Governor Wike has done very well for the party and has done his best for the progress and development of Rivers State. Nevertheless, Governor Wike should restrain himself not to be portrayed as an intolerant and autocratic leader,” said Comrade Isiguzo. 

Comrade Isiguzo reiterated that in addition to the above over-bearing action by Governor Wike, the case of Farrah Dagogo, the alleged denial of political aspirants not nominated by him from participating in the party Assembly primaries, as well as the refusal to release monthly allocation to Akuku -Toru LGA are indicative of a Governor whose arrogance, impunity, and autocratic tendency must be rejected.

“Everyone has the right to fraternize, meet, align or realign his or her interest with whoever they deemed fit – and any attempt to stop people from doing so is simply crass and autocratic. A lot of party faithful in the state are unhappy with the outcome of the State, National Assembly and Governorship primaries of the party, and of course with the exception of those that are pretending or eating and observing Governor Wike’s table manners”.

Comrade Isiguzo appeals to Governor Wike to unseal the premises and release the innocent staff and customs as a demonstration of his political maturity and bearing in mind that power is not only transient but from God.


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