NASS Minority Leadership: PDP Group Asks Damagum To Call Osadolor Order – Comrade Warmate

The Concerned PDP League (CPDPL) has accused the Acting National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ambassador Umar I. Damagum, of allegedly promoting indiscipline and disunity in the National Working Committee (NWC) in particular, and the party in general.

The CPDPL salvo comes on the heels of a report in the Punch newspaper, credited to PDP Deputy National Youth Leader, Timothy Osadolor asserted that the two chambers of the National Assembly are yet to elect minority leaders. He emphasized that the party will anoint candidates for both chambers on Tuesday 19th or Wednesday 20th, 2023.

The Leader of the Concerned PDP League, comrade Warmate, told Denton News that the group issued the rejoinder to correct the wrong impression created by Timothy Osadolor’s alleged statement. Comrade Warmate said, “It seems Mr Osadolor is completely out of touch and not in tune with political developments in the National Assembly. The fact is that members of the 10th House of Representatives have already made their choice in relation to their preferred candidate for the position of minority leader. Comrade Warmate warned Mr. Osadolor that any attempt to subjugate the democratic choice by members of the House Representative for the position of the minority leader would be resisted. Mr Osadolor’s innate undemocratic instinct is an aberration and goes against the grain of democratic norms, and justice and further exacerbates the dysfunction and disunity in our party, at a time when we ought to take a hard look as to how the big egos at the top echelon of the party hierarchy plunged the PDP into this pitiful state”

“Yes the Senators have not chosen who will lead them to the best of our knowledge but the House of Representatives have chosen Hon. O. K. Chinda, on Thursday 15, June 2023. If Senator Enyennaya Abaribe was still in our great party, he would have been our choice because, just like Hon. Chinda, he proved himself in the 9th Senate. But we are still searching for the right Senator and if the party or the Senators themselves choose the right person, we will throw our support behind the person otherwise, we will vehemently oppose any Senator that doesn’t have the trappings to be the minority leader because President Tinubu is not former President Buhari, President Tinubu is a great political operator, the Comrade retorted.”

He said, “We are wondering if Osadolor, is now the new National Publicity Secretary (NPS) and why he has not been suspended. His statements have often times promotes caused frustration among party members and disunity in the party.

Mr. Osadolor’s latest intervention will further frustrate Mr. Damagum’s effort to douse tension, reconciliation, and peace in the party. But Mr. Osadolor’s statements seem deliberate and well calculated. He appears to be working for a narrow interest rather than the party’s interest and making statements is bent on ensuring PDP doesn’t rise again.”

“And we have brought this unbecoming attitude of this young man to the notice of our Acting National Chairman severally via the media and even advice for him to be sent on training so, he will know that his constitutional responsibility is to support the National Youth leader to mobilize Nigerian youths for the party and not to make divisive statements. Because him still continuing on that part demonstrate that he has not been cautioned or disciplined by the Acting National Chairman, He alleged.”

“We and my humble self, have the greatest respect for our Acting National Chairman, Amb. Umar Damagum, and wants him and the party to succeed that’s why, I personally on behalf of the group reached out to him, to discuss the National Assembly minority leadership, Timothy Osadolor’s misconduct, and other issues as they affect the party and its unity which, he graciously gave his word that, after the Muslim festivity (Sallah), our delegation will meet with him, Comrade Warmate, however, stated.”

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