2023: Kwankwaso Launches Political Movement To ‘Rescue Nigeria From Dangerous Course’

“We were fully aware that the mind of the average politician in Nigeria was focused mainly on the next election and how to win in the election, irrespective of the circumstances,” NAN quoted him as saying.

“But for those of us who met and reviewed the state of the nation in the summer of last year, we had a different view.

“Rather, we saw ourselves as leaders; we saw ourselves as patriots; we saw ourselves as nationalists; we saw ourselves as democrats; and we saw ourselves as major actors and factors in the evolution and future of Nigeria.

“We were, therefore, convinced that there must be Nigeria first before politics and democracy can be nurtured and there must be Nigerian people alive and living largely harmoniously with each other before elections can take place.

“While most of us would want to contest and win the election, we resolved that we must do everything possible within our abilities to work together towards reversing the dangerous course Nigeria was heading towards.

“Thus, The National Movement was born. As we can all see here today, The National Movement is made up of all Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

“In our view, everybody matters and given the current nature of the political environment in this country, we must look beyond the boundaries imposed on us by the political parties operating in the country today.

“We, therefore, are more than just determined to confront these threats to our corporate existence. We are ready with concrete and incontrovertible measures to pull our nation out of the doldrums.”

Others present at the event included Solomon Dalong, former sports minister; Buba Galadima, Suleiman Hunkuyi, Tanko Yakasai, Solomon Edoda, and Nweze Onu.

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