Brittania-U Rejects Blames For Adulterated Petrol

Four companies involved in the importation of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), known as petrol, yesterday said they did not test for methanol.

They said the specifications were given to them by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and did not include testing for the substance.

The consortium of Emadab/Hyde/AY Maikifi blamed its member, Brittania-U, for the adulterated petrol.

ut Brittania-U denied importing the toxic petrol.

It said the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited certified the product okay and that its responsibility ended after it handed over the product.

The consortium said since the toxic fuel was brought into the country by Brittania-U without its knowledge, the company should be made to answer questions.

The companies’ representatives appeared before a House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream) investigating the importation of toxic petrol, which resulted in severe product scarcity.

Group Chief Operating Officer of MRS Holdings Amina Maina said based on the specification given to them, it was not the usual practice to test for methanol.

She said: “It is not in the Nigerian specification to test for methanol. I believe that the specification which we work with was issued by SON.

“It is their prerogative to decide what parameters they want us to check in line with global standards. To your question: is it normal? Yes, unless there is a specific need, you do not test for methanol.”

Maina said the product her company imported “met Nigeria’s specification”.

She added: “On arrival, it was tested by the NNPC inspectors; it met specification.

“Before the vessel was discharged, the normal procedure is that the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) will have their inspectors test and certify before it is discharged.

“And all of that was done and certified okay before the vessel was discharged. We did not bring in any adulterated fuel.

“We have all the load port documents which are basically the certificate of quality at the load port, the certificate of quantity, the bill of laden; all the documents.”

The leader of the consortium, Adebowale Olujimi, said the toxic fuel was imported solely by Brittania-U without the knowledge of other members.

He said since the consortium was awarded the Direct Sales and Direct Purchase (DSDP) contract on June 22, 2021, by the NNPC, the delivery of the petroleum product and crude lifting had been done strictly on a rotational basis by the consortium members.

He said: “Some of the consortium members – Emadeb/Hyde and AY Maikifi engaged a reputable international company for the delivery of all PMS cargoes and prompt loading of crude oil; while Brittania-U chose to engage a different entity for her own supplies.

“Brittania-U also preferred to liaise directly with NNPC and took responsibility for all her transactions without recourse to the other consortium members.

Credit: The Nation

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