2023 Election: Ayu Is An Albatross To Atiku’s Chances

Leader of the Concerned People’s Democratic Party League (CPDPL), Comrade D. Z. Warmate on Friday added an interesting twist to the 2023 election saying PDP is on autopilot.

Warmate stated this during a protest and solidarity visit to him by the 17 southern states’ leaders of the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL) led by Comrade Gift I. Alozia.

The  CPDPL Southern delegation leader and state leader of Imo state said they were in area 2, Garki, Abuja residence of their National Leader, comrade Warmate to express and register their concerns on some serious issues that may affect the political direction of the southern members of the group in the 2023 general election.

Alozia said, “First, we are here to salute the uncompromising courage of our National Leader and thank him for his time, financial and intellectual resources which he is using to promote and better the lot of the group in particular and our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in general via objective criticism.

He said “It takes only reasonable leaders to appreciate party activists and party pressure or advocacy group that opens their eyes to their lapses. But shamefully, leaders in this part of the world would rather prefer praise singers, that’s why they always fail, and that has not deterred you.

“The second issues of concern are, the Northernisation of our party and by that we mean, the North producing the Presidential candidate, National Chairman and Board of Trustees Chairman and Atiku insistence on Ayu’s continuous stay in office, the way and manner Ayu fought against zoning, has created the impression that has informed our perception that he lacks the good conscience, capacity, and political will to protect the interest of the south.”

“Also the inability of Ayu to resolve the Atiku vs Wike and Ibori vs Okowa crisis and the cold war/court cases in Akwa Ibom, Delta, Imo, Kano, and Lagos, and the provision of the woeful opposition leadership, which is a great threat to the chances of our great party in the 2023 general elections.”

“If the PDP National Chairman and Atiku as our Leader refuses to do the needful, I advise we adopt the Ghanian voting pattern called skirt and blouse, that’s, vote another party for the presidency and vote PDP for state and national assembly and governorship elections or leave or decamp from the party.

Comrade warmate said in response that, ” I want to plead with you all to remain calm and that all the issues raised have been noted. As you already know, we have started tackling some of the issues as a group, like the failed opposition being provided by our great party by refusing to recognize Ayu as the National Chairman and calling for him, the NS, NOS, and NPS resignations or removals.

He said, “leaving or decamping from the party may be a no no or completely ruled out, and that Ayu’s Must Go call is non-negotiable but voting Atiku can be put on the table for further discussion. We will consult with a few of our reliable and trusted leaders in the party and after that take a position, and communicate the same to all and the direction of the group to all our states chapters both in the north and south.

Warmate also said we criticize our great party and leaders to bring out the best in them and promote the same but lazy leaders will find it difficult to comprehend because all they care to do is to use the party to satisfy their greed and not the party using them to promote its creed.
He thanked his august visitors for humbling and honouring him with their visit.

The group, therefore, urged party leaders to desist from acts capable of facilitating the electoral misfortune of our great party.

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