We Have Evidence Of Plans By Opposition To Sabotage Government – Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed, minister of information, says the federal government has evidence of plans by the opposition to sabotage government.

He spoke on Saturday at the 12th annual Lai Mohammed Ramadan lecture in Oro, Kwara state.

The minister alleged that the opposition is working to overheat the polity and make the country ungovernable.

He said the security agencies would not “allow anyone to reverse the gains of our democracy under any guise.”

“As you are aware, a few days ago we raised the alarm that either by themselves or via their proxies, the PDP and its presidential candidate are doing everything possible to sabotage the Buhari Administration, generally overheat the polity and make Nigeria seemingly ungovernable,” Mohammed said.

“Of course you are aware of similar alarms that have been raised by the police, the military and the DSS.

“Our interventions are based on credible evidence, and no government with the kind of evidence that we have, of plans to subvert the power of the state, attack the nation’s economic live wire and generally unleash mayhem on the polity, will keep quiet.

“The security agencies are all alert to their responsibilities and will not sit by and allow anyone to reverse the gains of our democracy under any guise.”

According to him, since the government raised alarm, partisan analysts have teamed up with the main opposition party and its presidential candidate “to either exhibit their ignorance or to engage in red herring and name

On his part, Abubakar Bagudu, Kebbi governor, urged government at all levels to work towards increased food production.

“The food system itself is threatened across the length and breadth of the country because the participants in the food chain – the farmers; the fishermen; those in the livestock sector – all are challenged that they cannot find enough resources be it land, fresh water or grass in order to undertake and continue to support food production in the way
they hitherto,” he said.

“So that brings a sense of urgency for us in the leadership, either at the local government level or state government or the federal government and community leaders to quickly address our minds on how we can support all the groups to cooperate with each other and focus their mind so that production can be increased.”

Credit: thecable.ng

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