Tambuwal Presidential Ticket Will Be PDP’s Millennia Mistake – Alhaji Muhammed

The Concerned PDP League general secretary, Alhaji Tasiu Muhammed, has said that the Sokoto state governor, his excellency Aminu Waziri Tambuwal,.can only win election in Sokoto state and giving the PDP presidential ticket to someone that betrayed the party in 2015, will be a millennial mistake.

Alhaji Muhammed, who is a staunch PDP member and an advocate of the CPDPL position for southern presidency in 2023, said this in Nasarawa state during a political awareness/enlightenment programme with youths and women. 

He asked, does Tambuwal has the capacity to win a presidential election? the obvious answer is capital NO.

His reaction is in response to the Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal, who said that the South-south cannot win the presidency in 2023 under the People’s Democratic Party, in Abuja on Tuesday during a meeting with former principal officers of the National Assembly.

The governor told the leadership and stakeholders of the PDP to choose between zoning of its presidential ticket and winning the election.
The general secretary also told the audience that, it’s unfortunate Tambuwal, who without a south-south governor to be precise Gov. Wike’s strong backing would have scored the least vote in the 2018 PDP presidential primary his poor popularity could make such an unprovoked and unwarranted statement against a zone that has been the pillar of PDP since its inception.

I can say without fear of any contradiction that, without the south-south, PDP would have been in a political comatose/oxygen waiting to take its last breath, Muhammed said.

If south-south can’t win any presidential election, where is former president Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that defeated a northern candidate from? In fact, the differential votes that the most democratic president Nigeria ever had, former president Goodluck Jonathan got to defeat general  Buhari in 2011 was ten million, three hundred thousand, one hundred and eighty-seven votes (10, 300, 187 differential votes in 2011) as against the two million, five hundred thousand votes (2, 500, 000 differential votes in 2015) president Buhari defeated him within 2015, even with Tambuwal and co heavy betrayal of PDP/GEJ. It’s a shame that ambition can easily becloud the reasoning and sense of judgment of some leaders.

I, therefore, reiterate the Concerned PDP League’s position that our great party should zone the presidency to the southeast and south and that, every zone both in the north and south of Nigeria has capable leaders in PDP who can lead us into victory, in 2023.

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