Proscribe MURIC Now – Group To Tinubu, Condemns VP Shettima’s Statement

A Christian rights advocacy group, the Ecumenical Youth Association (EYA) (AKA The Children of Issacah), has warned that it has tolerated enough of the irrational and insensitive attacks on the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Christian Leaders, and the blasphemous mentioning of the word Christians at every slightest unprovoked opportunity by a one-man terrorist group called Muslim Right Concerns (MURIC), and call on the federal government to ban it

The group also condemned the statement of the Vice President, His Excellency Alhaji Kashim Shettima, claiming that Nigeria’s military offensives alone could not sustainably resolve the security crisis in the North-West.

The general secretary, bro. Felix Maisamari, in a statement issued, said Christians’ peace-loving disposition should not be taken for granted and mistaken for weakness.

In their words, “We have noticed with utmost dismay the  unprovoked disrespect, disdain, and disregard for the Christian Faith, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Christian Political and Religious Leaders, by a one-man terrorist group called Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) but we prefer to call MUMURIC.”

“We have noticed in some years now with raped observation, the peace-distorting utterances of this self serving terrorist group without adequate cautioning from our security agencies.” 

We, therefore, urge the security agencies to warn Prof. Akintola and the former governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasiru el Rufai to desist forthwith from making inciting statements with the propensity to cause religious war. Remember no one has a monopoly of making inciting utterances and violence. 

“The most recent of such statement is the dragging of CAN into the appointment of Commissioners in Osun state, which is the sole prerogative of the governor. May we at this junction remind Prof. Akintola that, by the protocol in Nigeria and any party of the world, the position of the president, vice president, senate president, and speaker, are the most important four positions and three of them are Muslims under Tinubu Presidency same under Buhari Presidency, and Christians didn’t make much noise about it. Do you know what, now we understand, and we will never tolerate this again because we know, our Muslim brothers won’t. 

If the security agencies refuse or fail to invite Prof. Akintola and Mallam el Rufai, we will resist any attempt to invite any Christian for questioning for any utterances made. To date, one of our leaders, the late Dr. Obedaih Mailafia’s death is a subject of suspicion. 

And also the statement of 

Vice President Kashim Shettima, claiming that the Nigeria military offensives alone could not sustainably resolve the security crisis in the North-West, is an indirect call for amnesty collaborating same call for the blood-sucking demons by a former governor of Zamfara state. 

We condemn and reject in total the insensitive and morale-killing statement, which seems to have instalmentally confirmed our fears about him.” 

The group, however, commend the chief of defense staff and chief of army staff for stopping the amnesty for those blood-sucking bandits and herders. And also commend the Osun state governor and government for condemning the satanic activities of MUMURIC. 

“We condemn the amnesty program for bandits and herders, commend the new chief of army staff and chief of defense staff, for terminating the satanic contract of the so-called rehabilitation of those blood-sucking demons with our taxpayers’ money. There’s no reasonable justification for that and has not yielded any result. We advise them to use the opportunity God has given them to protect the lives of every Nigerian because both Christians’ and Muslims’ lives matter. And we also commend the governor and the good people of Osun state for condemning the satanic agenda of MUMURIC.

The group also advised Christians to be united & not allow anything to distort that. “We advise and plead with fellow Christians not to allow the opponents of the faith to use denominationalism, materialism, and politics to divide us, remember Jesus Christ comes first in everything we do and we are all one in Him.”

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