POLITICAL DEMAGOGUES: It Is Foolhardy To Considers Mr. Keyamo Guilty By Association – Anabraba

The recent publication of the list of about 80 Nigerians arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States is a great embarrassment for our nation and more so for Nigerians living in the diaspora.

Although I am not holding brief for Festus Keyamo, SAN, and Minister of State for Niger Delta, however, as a stakeholder in our nation’s fight against corruption and malfeasance, it would be bizarre to stand on the sideline while political and social media demagogues, drags his name through the mud, and make him the subject of innuendos and subliminal association with Mr. Jerry Ikogho, an alleged internet fraud star currently in FBI custody.

Further, trending a previously taken picture of Mr. Keyamo with two other people and the alleged cyber fraud star on social media is political skullduggery aimed at impugning on his character, integrity, and candour. This wicked and underhand opportunistic behaviour should be roundly condemned by all.

The Cable Online reported that Mr. Keyamo has in fact confirmed in a statement, that Mr. Ikogho and himself were born in Ughelli, Delta State, and grew up as childhood friends.

But in a surreptitious way, however, the political enemies were very reticent on the above fact and rather wants to hoodwink Nigerians to believe that it is unacceptable to have a childhood friend that is being indicted for fraud. And somehow, they also want Nigerians to take a dim view of Mr. Keyamo pictured with the alleged cyber fraud star. But they concealed the fact that the picture in question was taken some years ago at a friend’s father funeral with the childhood friend and two others.

The purveyors of this puerile association fallacy are the nitwits who are primarily motivated by their vile hatred of Mr. Keyamo, for being an indefatigable defender of the oppressed and prosecutor of looters of our commonwealth. And as former Director of Media of President Buhari Campaign Council, Mr. Keyamo frustrated and exposed the phony and self-serving agenda of the Atiku’s PDP Presidential Campaign organisation.

The general election is over and Nigerians have spoken loudly. Festus Keyamo, as Minister of State for Niger Delta, is focusing on translating policies into practice to make a significant improvement on the lives of the people of the Niger Delta and deliver on the expectations of #Next Level agenda for all Nigerians. 

Perhaps, the demagogues need to move on and focus on re-tooling their strategies for 2023. It is pointless fighting yesterday’s battle.

Mac-Miller Anabraba, APC Chieftain and Media Entrepreneur

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