Governor Wike’s Unity Statement And Senator Kaita’s Defection – A Hopeful Sign For PDP Victory, Says Comrade Warmate

A group of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) young stakeholders under the auspices of the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL) has said, it is only with a united party that the PDP would win the 2023 election, in respective of who emerges as the flag bearer of the party.

The group said, about 90% of the PDP Presidential Aspirants have the capacity to deliver dividends of democracy to the Nigerian people and rescue Nigeria from security, economic and societal collapse.

The CPDPL Leader, Comrade D. Z. Warmate said this while speaking to reporters after the group’s National Executive Committee meeting (NEC) in Abuja yesterday.

“PDP leaders must be a party for women, men, and youths by purging itself from the spirit of betrayal and regional sentiment as was evidently seen in the 2015 election because their preferred aspirant from their geographical dichotomy did not emerge as the candidate of the party. This act of treachery should not repeat again in 2023. It’s a transparent primary election and sincere unity that will ensure our party’s victory in the coming election in 2023,” Comrade Warmate reiterated.

“PDP will be victorious in the coming 2023 election if, our leader’s creed can subjugate their greed and narrow interest”. At this juncture, Governor Wike’s comment of not leaving the party but working for PDP’s victory irrespective of his emergence or not as the presidential candidate of the party has boosted our chances of victory and hope of rebuilding the Nigeria of our collective dream, said Comrade Warmate.

Comrade Warmate commended Governor Wike for such a heartwarming statement and described Governor Wike, as a perfect party man. Warmate insisted that it would not be far from the truth to say that Governor Wike is a father of the modern PDP by virtue of the fact that, during the period the party was in an electoral coma, Governor Wike provided the oxygen that kept PDP alive, and it’s not any means an exaggeration, Comrade Warmate retorted.”

“In fact, staff at the PDP headquarters said to me sir, Governor Wike removed shame from PDP, and spoke in defence of PDP when no one did. I was begging my neighbour to use his car battery to start my car that I could not even afford fuel for sometimes, staffs were suffering and some staffs were given quit notice in their rented houses. We were being paid 60% of our salary and had not even received it for three months then when Governor Wike came into the picture, the story changed for us all. We were paid 100%  three months’ salary arrears, et al. So if Governor Wike who did all these for the party and a presidential hopeful today can make such a statement, all leaders and aspirants should follow his lead to make such a commitment In the interest and victory of the party also,” Warmate said.

Meanwhile, Warmate said, “the decamping to PDP by Senator Ahmad Babba Kaita who represents President Muhammadu Buhari’s senatorial district (Katsina North), the senatorial district which comprises 12 local government areas, including Daura, Buhari’s hometown, is a confirmation of the total rejection of the party, the All Promises Cancel (APC) and the confirmation of PDP as the incoming government. I on behalf CPDPL welcome Sen. Kaita to PDP and salute his courage  for taking such people-oriented decision said the umbrella is big enough to accommodate all and still keeps everyone safe.”

He used the opportunity to call on all southern and northern PDP leaders to work together for the overall interest of the party.

The group urges the Ayu led National Working Committee (NWC) to conduct the freest and fairest primaries and whoever emerges to carry everyone along and not grudge anyone for not making them their prefer aspirants, and appeal to all and sundry party patriots to start person to person awareness program to boost the voter turnout which in turn will brighten the chances of PDP victory.

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