Buhari vs Atiku: Keyamo Warns Nigerians About Video Of INEC Officials Making Strange Confessions

The Director, Strategic Communications of President Muhammadu Buhari 2019 Presidential Campaign, Festus Keyamo, SAN, has advised Nigerians not to gullibly fall for the alleged fantasy created by a video circulating online where officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, spoke of the commission’s plan to electronically transmit results before the elections.

Keyamo gave the advice on Thursday via his Twitter handle.

The senior lawyer, described the video as an entertainment piece, fabricated by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

He said the video should not be taken seriously by any Nigerian.

He tweeted, “The noise about electronic transmission of INEC results is akin to a student who wants to cheat in an exam and enters the hall with prepared answers, not noticing that the set questions are not exactly framed as expected. So, when he’s later told he failed, he says it’s IMPOSSIBLE!

“Without referring to any particular pending Election Petition, there’s a need to generally guide Nigerians not to gullibly fall for the fantasy created by any video circulating where INEC official(s) spoke of INEC’s plan to electronically transmit results before the elections

“The video(s) of some INEC official(s) expressing intention to electronically transmit results are only circulated for entertainment. That procedure is neither contained in the Electoral Act nor in INEC’s Guidelines. Courts are only guided by these documents and not such videos

“Also, what you plan to do may be different from what you ACTUALLY DID. Assuming INEC planned to transmit electronically, the moment it said after the election that it did not do so, the matter ends there especially as the Electoral Act & the Guidelines do not allow it to do so

“In anticipation of the electronic transmission, some crooks concocted fictitious results and perhaps in connivance with certain INEC insiders (or by hacking) tried to upload those results into the server. The fact that electronic transmission didn’t happen destroyed their plan.”

Credit: Daily Post

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