BREAKING: Senator Wabara,PDP BoT Chairman, Take The Path of Honour and Resign, As Bwala Ends Sabbatical At PDP – Comrade Warmate (Video)

A group known and prominent for its proactive advocacy and activism in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), has demanded the immediate resignation of the board of trustees acting chairman and former Senate President, Sen. Adolphus Wabara for misleading party faithful and Nigerians over the National Secretary position of the party.

The CPDPL call and condemnation were communicated in a viral video by its National Leader Comrade Daboikiabo Z Warmate.

It also condemned a statement credited to a former spokesperson of the defunct PDP presidential campaign council, Mr. Daniel Bwala, that the PDP is collapsing and will soon implode. 

The National Leader of the group in the video said its demand for the resignation of the BoT Chairman was due to his deliberate disregard and subversion of section 47(5) of the party 2017 constitution as amended, biased and ill-intended letter to the Acting National Chairman, which they claim didn’t emanate from any meeting of the BoT, over who is the authentic national secretary of the main opposition party which is now the subject of a tussle between the substantive occupant Senator Samuel Anyanwu and Hon. S. K. E Udeh-Okeye.”

“Our investigation revealed that the letter the Acting BoT Chairman wrote to the Acting National Chairman as an interested party was personal and didn’t have the mandate of the BoT Members If as claimed by the BoT Acting Chairman it’s a resolution of the BoT for him to write to the Acting National Chairman over the national secretaryship  then, he should present the minutes of that meeting and reference it forthwith.”

“How did the BoT Chairman get the mandate of the BoT members, given that the last time the BoT met was on September 14th, 2023, exactly one month and six days before this matter started? The South East caucus met on October 20th, 2023, to nominate someone for an office that was not vacant ab initio because Senator Anyanwu did not resign from his post. This led to court cases and counter cases, which the BoT Chairman also sighted in his letter, albeit cynically, Comrade Warmate retorted”.

“For the avoidance of doubt let me with your permission party faithful read section 47(5) of our constitution; “Any officer elected into the executive committee of the party at any level MAY resign his or her office by giving a 30-day notice in writing to the appropriate executive committee, except in the case of resignation to vie for an elective office which shall be effective within the period stipulated in the guideline issued for such elective office by the National Executive Committee of the party or the State Executive Committee in respect to local government elections.”

“The use of the word “may”, thus, is descretional and the occupant is not mandated to resign. Therefore, the issue of resignation before contesting an election in this case, and in line with section 47 (5) is based on morality and not constitutionality, and you can’t force him to be moral.

However, they claim that the actions of the South East caucus and the BoT Chairman’s letter have misled many knowingly or unknowingly, and amongst them are the following; 1. The twenty-five former members of the Rivers State House of Assembly who lost their seats in consonance with section 109(g) of the 1999 Nigeria constitution, after decamping gave the reason that, the party is in crisis which is false because there’s scramble for the national secretary position 2. That it made a former spokesperson of the defunct PDP presidential campaign council, Mr. Daniel Bwala, claim that, PDP is collapsing and will soon implode 3. It also misled the governor of Oyo state to believe the unconstitutional nominations of Sunday udeh-okoye and many party faithful and Nigerians.”

“The letter and actions of the BoT Acting Chairman constitute a threat to the ongoing reconciliation and peace process, unity and progress in the party and as such should be condemned by well-meaning members and well wishes of the party by supporting the call for his resignation because the problem with our great party is leaders who play politics without principles and are self-centered.”

However, bulala (meaning whip in Hausa language) Bwala, incurred the rot of the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL) for claiming that, PDP is collapsing and will soon implode.

The CPDPL National Leader said, “Bwala is a shameless politician with no principles, and was on a Sabbatical leave in the PDP, and at the slightest opportunity he cut short his Sabbatical to run back to the APC to clean up his vomit. The chameleonic Bwala claimed that he left the APC over the party’s presentation of a Muslim-Muslim ticket (Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of the same faith). But Bwala conveniently ignored the fact the same faith grip on the top echelons of the APC is even stronger and worse now than it has ever been. Not only that the President and Vice President are Muslims but the National Chairman and Secretary of the APC are also Muslims. Mr Bwala’s asserted that his return to the APC is premised on President Tinubu’s approach to leadership and governance is modeled on Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style. Bwala contended that facts change opinion and that the facts presented in his meeting with President Tinubu changed his opinion. However, Mr Bwala’s opinion-changing moment or fact failed to take cognizance of that a wise person is not persuaded by a general statement, and President Tinubu’s APC administration are past masters of the act of general statements that are having such draconian impacts on Nigerians, and thus Bwala’s Abraham Lincoln’s analogy is a diversionary calculus, underpinned by greed, money, and political relevance”.

Further, Comrade Warmate reminded bulala bwala by reminding him of his tweets on November 25, 2022, on his micro-blogging platform tweeter now X with the handle @bwaladaniel in which Bwala said, ‘The human brain is unique and miraculous. It works and functions optically 24 hours a day & 365 days a year UNTIL YOU JOIN APC THEN IT STOPS WORKING.’ “It’s not shocking Bwala’s brain officially stopped working but what’s really shocking is that the brain didn’t take that long to stop working.”

However, Comrade Warmate congratulated all PDP governors whose electoral victories were sealed by the judgments of the Supreme Court & urged them to focus on providing the dividend of democracy and good governance to citizens from their various states who elected them and should be very responsible and responsive to the party PDP that gave them both the platform and privilege to be what they are today by sponsoring them. And further said, “Make PDP leaders dey play, we no go gree for anybody wey no gree for us this year.”

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