2023 Rotational Presidency: Kwankwaso Misconception Deliberately Unhelpful – Concerned PDP League.

Why do some political leaders interpolate incidents or situations that chime in with their selfish interests? According to Pythagoras, “Meaningful silence is better than meaningless words.” 

We watched with great bewilderment and disappointment the statement made by one of our leaders, the former Kano Satate Governor, and Senator, His Excellency, Engr. Rabui Musa Kwankwanso, while featuring on Sunday Politics, a current affairs programme on Channels Television and monitored by some of our executives, where Kwankwanso dismissed the concept and practice of Power Rotation between the North and the South, as well as religious considerations for the position of President and Vice-President.

He explained further, “In the 16 years of PDP, we had a situation where the presidency has been in the South for 14 years and only in the North for two years during the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua of blessed memory. “PDP must zone Presidency to the North, if the party wants to be victorious in 2023 election.”
According to him, the call by the Governors and other leaders is an attempt to intimidate the northern region into relinquishing its right to contest the highest office in the land.

It’s critical and crucial at this point to belabour party patriots and patriotic Nigerians with some facts and informations with the aim of debunking Kwankwaso claims and discouraging leaders from hiding their interest under whatever guise or sentiment to manipulate giuliable party faithul and citizens.

In 2014 Engr. Kwankwaso made the statements below; “It is imperative to leave the old order and embrace the new order found in the APC to bring about democratic change in Nigeria.” He also said the PDP had defeated itself. “All we need is to ensure that it does not rise,” but his wishes for PDP failed.

His Excellency was very wrong to have dismissed zoning and religion in the choice of president and Vice President.The constitution of our great party as amended  in section 7 subsection 3(b &c) has answered the issue and it reads; (b) promoting mutual respect for, and understanding of, the religious and  cultural diversity of Nigeria; and (c) adhering to the policy of the rotation and zoning of Party and Public elective offices in pursuance of the principle of equity, justice and fairness. What it simple means is that, in both party and public office, zoning and religion should be considered to give sense of belonging to all.

It’s also unfortunate he sees’s Nigerian with a population of 221,000,000 people from the political lens of PDP alone. PDP is not up to half of this figure for him to have done so. Was 1999 Nigerians first republic? Did Nigeria gain its independence in 1999? The Northern region has been in power for 49 years since 1957 both in the military and democratic capacity. The North has been in power democratically for 20 years, so, who is trying to intimidate who? Is it not Kwankwaso and all those calling for the Northern Presidency because of their ambitions and interests that are trying to intimidate the South? So, it’s not the right of the north and this is known to be the truth and of course, the North will not make such a statement. 

Indeed PDP candidates can win elections not minding the region the candidate hails from only if, our so-called leaders will not betray the party the way they did in 2014/15 because of their interest, ambitions, religious and regional inclinations. So once again Kwankwaso and his co travelers are very wrong to have said only a Northern Candidacy will give the party victory in 2023. If so, why don’t the 2019 Northern Candidacy give us the Presidency?

If he is talking about strategy, the pulse of the country is tilted towards the South, so strategically speaking, PDP should bring a presidential candidate from the South, if so. Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s son-in-law was the flag bearer of PDP in Kano state in 2019 and why don’t he win the election for us?

Their actions seem to suggest that, their love for their ambitions and interests is worth more than, their concerns and patriotism for PDP’s Unity and Victory in 2023.

Is it because where ever they go, they have the resources and name to jump the queue? They are leaders and fathers of our great party presently no doubt, but that does not mean that they shouldn’t be told the truth. They were responsible for PDP’s 2015 failure. The same crop of leaders in 2014/15, coming back with the same leg in 2023.

If not for leaders like HE Sen. David Mark, HE, Sen. Makarfi, HE Barr. Wike, HE, Dr. Okowa, HE Hon. Emmanuel, HE, Chief Bode George, Sen. Abaribe, and many more patient and patriotic leaders and members did not stay behind and build the party would Atiku have seen a PDP platform to contest in 2019, or after returning from his sojounrn to the APC, Kwankwoso because others stayed behind to rebuild and grow the PDP?

We cannot be silent and condemned Kwankwanso’s with disdain. And as young Stakeholders of our great party, we will no longer keep silent but tell truth to our leaders. And henceforth, we will not hesitate to remind any errant or renegade leaders of their past unhealthy statements against our great party.

We, therefore, appeal to our leaders to desist from making divisive statements that can impede the victory of our great party and support the majority decision as demanded by the constitution of our party.


Daboikiabo Z. Warmate (Leader)
Fatima A. Umar (Deputy leader)
Tasiu Muhammed (General Secretary) 
Gbenga Adedamola (National Organizing and Mobilization Secretary)
Rhasidat Abubarka (Publicity Secretary) 

God bless Nigeria, God bless PDP, God bless CPDPL

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