2023 PRESIDENCY – PDP Has Nothing To Offer Nigeria Comment: Group Rips Kwankwaso

In what seems to be an immediate reaction to a statement made by the former governor of Kano state, Sen. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, the most vocal group presently in PDP, the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), has said, Sen. Kwankwaso is a true reflection of his own statement.

The group further condemned Sen. Kwankwaso’s statement and said, “it’s an unfortunate statement coming from a major beneficiary of PDP’s goodwill but also a fortunate one because it has unmasked his unreliability and untrustworthiness before the 2023 election”.


CONCERNED PDP LEAGUE (@ConcernedPDP) / Twitter

ll that the two-time governor and former defence minister on PDP’s platform, lambasted both PDP and APC while featuring in a programme on the local radio station, Nasara FM, in Kano on Saturday.
He said the two parties are made up of envious people, adding that instead of voting them again, Nigerians should look for a party that can rescue them collectively.

“I don’t see anything that either APC or PDP will show or tell Nigerians to get convinced and to vote for them in the coming 2023 elections.
“So, I think people should now come to think of the right party and people to support and vote for so that we can rescue them from the present situation,” he said.

But the Leader of the Concerned PDP League, Comrade D. Z. Warmate, Deputy Leader, Hajiya Fatima A. Umar, and Secretary, Media, and Advocacy, Rashidat Abubakar, in defending the PDP and its Leaders said, “Believe us, we are not surprised when perennial political nomads speak like this, and that PDP is the only positive alternative presently, confidently and evidently Nigerians can rely on to rescue our Nation. It’s therefore beyond conjecture that PDP Leaders have greater abilities and capacities than APC leaders and thus no basis for comparison”.

“Is Sen. Kwankwaso talking about his inordinate ambition, greed, and envy which has led to PDP’s inability to conduct peaceful congress in the North West zone till date and tension in PDP Kano?” The group leader questioned”. 

“He should think of changing himself first, before thinking of changing Nigeria and he should learn from Leo Tolstoy’s quote that says, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
“In 2014 he expressed his envy for former President Goodluck Jonathan and other PDP leaders by decamping to APC and later came back to PDP because his greed was not serviced in both parties in 2014 and 2019 and may not be serviced in 2023. That is just the bone of contention for his outburst against PDP on Saturday”.

“It’s obvious that, by Sen. Kwankwaso own statement, in the past twenty-two years, he rather than serving the people of Kano state and Nigeria, has been servicing his greed. Kwankwaso in servicing his greed successfully cajoled PDP to give his son-in-law Abba Kabir Yusuf the party Governorship ticket in 2019”.

In Warmate’s words, “Actually it’s the collective fault and failure of PDP NWC, BoT and NEC to activate section 8, subsection 17 that has emboldened nomadic politicians like Sen. Kwankwaso to have made such derogatory statements about PDP whenever their greeds are not met. PDP will successfully weed out political nomads, only if whenever they come back, they are asked to join the queue from the start as suggested and advised by the above section and subsection, they will learn sense by force, Otherwise, they will not learn and PDP will continue to face this challenges.” The truth is that “PDP can ignore the reality, but PDP cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the reality,” Warmate retorted.

“We, therefore, urge Nigerians to be watchful and careful of such nomadic political characters whose interest and political ideology are guided by their greed and not the People’s needs.

We believed that Nigerians have learned a bitter lesson from the APC experiment and their deceptive change mantra. They will not be persuaded or indeed fall prey to Kwankwaso’s mediocre and third-grade socio-political and economic promise.

Warmate concluded that “Kwankwaso is not only an opportunist but a very divisive figure and a politically spent force, who have nothing of substance to offer to any party or Nigeria”.

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