Visa Requirements For France

Fulfilling visa requirements set by the relevant French Embassy or Consulate is highly important.

Make sure you provide all the information and documents necessary since this might lead to an unsuccessful visa application, postponement or rejection.

Download the France Schengen Visa application form. It can be filled out in a printed version, or electronically and printed after that.

In both cases it needs to be signed by the applicant in order to be considered authentic. Get detailed instructions on how to accurately fill the application form!

  • Note: If the applicant is under the age of 18, parents or guardian is the authorized person to sign the application form.
  • Two Recently Made Passport Photos. Understand which are French Visa Photo Requirements and other specifications.
  • A Valid Passport: The passport of the visa applicant must be valid at least three months beyond the return date, as well as it needs to have at least two blank pages.
  • Note: Rules of entry and stay in France might change depending if you possess a regular, a diplomatic or an official duty passport.
  • Proof of the Applicant’s Address: A copy of the lease agreement or deed of apartment/house. Bills such as electricity, water, cable, or, other regular bills are accepted.
  • A Proof of a Booked Round-Trip Flight Ticket with Travel Itinerary – The French diplomatic office will only require you to present a copy of a booked round-trip flight ticket, instead of buying the actual flight ticket before obtaining the visa. This document must involve information about the airline company, your name and identity details, destinations, flight number, days and hours.
  • Tip: Save your money from buying a costly flight ticket to France, by knowing How to Book a Flight Itinerary for France Visa Application.
  • Note: The French Embassy or Consulate might require from you to present the actual round-trip flight ticket the moment of issuing a French Visa.
  • Proof of Travel Visa Insurance.
  • Covering Letter: A one or two-page document signed by the applicant, stating the purpose of your visit to France, including the travel programme. This is a separate written or printed sheet, where you include information about the days of travel, about means of transportation, destinations, addresses and so on.
  • Note: If the applicant is a businessman or self-employed, when applying for a tourist visa, covering letter can be required on a company letterhead.
  • Proof of a booked accommodation
  • Proof of the Civil Status: Marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate, spouse’s death certificate, ration card if applicable.
  • Means of Subsistence
  • Visa Application Fee

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