Senator Dino Melaye Paints Abuja Red With 3 Customized Mercedes G-Wagons (Photos)

Senator Dino Melaye has been spotted gallivanting the streets of Abuja with customised cars that are simply out of this world. The vehicles which are nothing short of luxurious and expensive were used to paint the Federal Capital Territory red.

The senator, who is known for his flamboyant lifestyle and expressive way of talking, was seen stepping out of his house and attempting to board one of the cars.

According to the source, he stepped out with 3 white customised Mercedes G-Wagons. But even more than that, he also was spotted with 2 Brabus and one Mansory.

Without doubt, Dino meant to paint Abuja red by flaunting his fleet of cars. Even his attire which was also white bespoke a lot of grandness.

This flamboyant show of material possession by Dino Melaye has gone viral on social media. Although he is known for his ostentatious lifestyle, this flaunting of several customised cars seems to have gotten more attention.

Recently, Dino Melaye compared the Peoples Democratic Party to Tiger Woods. According to him, they will come back stronger next time.


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