RevolutionNow: Lawyer Warns Against Bringing Down Buhari’s Govt

A Benin lawyer and former Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources in Edo State, Mr Eddy Osifo, has warned religious leaders, politicians and sponsors of RevolutionNow to desist from engaging in actions or comments that aims at bringing down President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Osifo said sponsors of divisive actions and statements were getting it wrong on insecurity in the land, especially the killing of Nigerians by unknown gunmen, erroneously called herdsmen.

In a statement, the lawyer said the people responsible for the killing of innocent Nigerians are Muslim sects of Boko Haram Harambe, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, who have also converted to gun-trotting herdsmen.

He said it was unfortunate that those he called opportunistic politicians and opponents of President Buhari have been deliberately heaping the blame of killings on the Fulani with a view to defeating President Buhari’s political purpose and work for his replacement.

The statement said: “Nigerians should know that the various gangs of these sects are in our bushes, farms and towns, and they are well armed as well as ready to kill.

“The earlier Nigerians take time to study the formation, nurture, growth and politics of these Muslim sects, the better for the good of the country.

“If these sects have the opportunity to meet President Buhari and other religious movements, they would kill him first before eliminating the Christians.

“As far these groups are concerned, the normal Muslim is not a believer. Nigerians should stop playing politics with herdsmen and religion so that we will be able to fight the common enemies who are on a mission of Islamisation.”

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