NASS LEADERSHIP: An Open Letter To The President Elect To Support Hon. Chinda For Speaker, Consider Afegbua, Keyamo, For Information and Attorney General Respectively

The Concerned PDP League (CPDPL) has written most probably, the first open letter to the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, signed by it’s Leader, Comrade D. Z. Warmate and General Secretary, Alhaji Tasiu M. Muhammed.

In the open letter, the CPDPL Implore the President-elect to support Hon. O. K. Chinda as the preferred candidate for the position of the Speaker of the Tenth House of Representative elucidating their premise for recommending him for the position, Hon. Festus Keyamo (SAN) for the post of Attorney General and Minister of Justjce and Hon. Kassim Afegbua for the post of Information and culture Minister. 

CPDPL described Hon. O. K. Chinda as a bridge builder, fence mender and a true Pan-Nigerian.

The group are pleading with the President elect to prevail on the House of Representative members elect in his party to support, and vote for Hon. O. K. Chinda as speaker of the tenth House of Representative.

Also, the Executive Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Barr. Nyesom N. Wike was not speared either.

CPDPL in the open letter pleaded with Governor Wike to use his good office and confer with the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to support Hon. O. K. Chinda, to emerge as the Speaker of the House of Representative. They reminded the Governor of his mantra, popularly known as the principle of Inyendeba Inyendeba.

The group also urge the President-elect to consider the former Commissioner of Information in Edo State, Hon. Kassim Afegbua as Minister of Information and Culture. Hon. Afegbua mastery of knowledge, communication, offensive and defensive marketing of the President-elect was on full display during the just concluded electionary  campaign.

Further, Hon. Festus Keyamo, SAN, and Director of the APC Campaign Council was a colossus during the campaign. His track record in criminal and human rights law and practice is unparalleled. CPDPL therefore, solicit with the President-elect to consider Hon. Keyamo for the position of Attorney General and Minister of Justice. 

Read below the President elect open letter in full and Gov. Wike open letter in part.


Your Excellency,

An Open Appeal To Your Excellency To Support The Candidacy Of Honourable Ogundu Kingsley Chinda As The Speaker Of The Tenth House Of Representative:

We write this open letter to Your Excellency in our capacity as citizens of Nigeria and Patriotic members and leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

We resort to communicate, advise and humbly plead on the above subject matter via the medium of an open letter, since we do not have direct access to Your Excellency.

We recall Your Excellency first spoke about Government of National Unity and later Government with competent people. As a group that stands for the principle of equity, justice, fairness, inclusivity and a united Nigeria, we are convince beyond reasonable doubt that, this desire may only be brought to bear in the green chamber through someone whose testament meets the requirement.

Your Excellency, Hon. O. K. Chinda fits in that desire perfectly, and is a good legislative material to work with. He is a Senior Ranking Member of the Federal House of Representative with a very broad wealth of leadership experience. His studiousness, competence and commitment to duty and loyalty to Nigeria are unquestionable, unequal, undoubtable and second to non.

In addition to that Your Excellency, he contributed immensely to Rivers State giving Your Excellency the highest vote in the South South that led to Your Excellency ‘s victory as the President elect via his principal, His Excellency, Chief, Barr. Nyesom E. Wike, the Executive Governor of Rivers state. To say the least, that is a demonstration of his loyalty and capacity to do what is considered right and work harmoniously with his colleagues and carry them along in respective of party affiliation, as long as it is in the interest of the unity of Nigeria, which we believe and hope, Your Excellency, the President elect stands for.

Therefore, we are requesting and pleading with Your Excellency to deploy all political machinery at your disposal, to ensure the emergence of Hon. O. K. Chinda as the Speaker of the tenth House of Representative.

In same vein, we want to request that, the former Commissioner of Information in Edo State and Spokes person to the former military President, Gen. Abrahim B. Babangida GCFR, be considered for the position of the Senior Minister for information and culture.

Your Excellency, our reasons are not far fetched. Hon. Kazeem Afegbua has conducted himself in the most civilized manner, during the 2023 electionary campaigns as one of the PCC spokes persons of your party was civil in his utterances and pensively interrogated issues. He did not create any form of tension with his words and actions in the process of defending and marketing Your Excellency to Nigerians.

And also, solicit for Hon. Festus Keyamo, SAN, to be appointed as Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Hon. Keyamo, SAN, track record in criminal and human rights law and practice in Nigeria is unparalleled.

Elections are now over, but the nation needs people that can unite Nigerians with their words and performance.

The CPDPL have great confidence in the requisite capabilities of Hon. Kazeem Afegbua and Hon. Festus Keyamo, SAN, to strengthened broader appeal and performance of the in-coming administration of the President-elect, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

We wish the President-elect well on his new responsibilities.

Yours Faithfully


Comrade D. Z. Warmate


Alhaji Tasiu M. Muhammed

General Secretary

We most humbly plead with Your Excellency, Barr. Nyesom Wike, to use your strategic position as the Governor of Rivers State, that gave the President elect, the highest votes in the South-South geogepolitical zone to the President-elect, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and vice President-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima. In fact, the South-South is the only geopolitical zone that is yet to produced Speaker of the House of Representative in the history of Nigeria.

No doubt, Your Excellency will absolutely agree with us that, Honourable O. K. Chinda have an unquestionable loyalty and he is a man with sound mind, character, and  has what it takes to be the Speaker of the tenth House of Representatives.

We urge Your Excellency to make it your priority request from the President elect to support Honourable Chinda. This is the time to remind the President-elect of your Principle of Inyendeba Inyendeba.

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