Govt Declares Zero Tolerance For Street Trading

Lagos State Government on Thursday declared zero tolerance for street trading and parking of vehicles on the walkways and highways.

It also launched a waste compactor and a towing truck.

The declaration was made when officials of the Central Business District (CBD), Governor’s Office, led by the Special Assistant, Prince Olanrewaju Elegushi, took to the streets on Lagos Island to sensitise and create awareness for traders and drivers on the axis.

Moving from the CBD office at Leventis, through Leventis bus stop, Marina, Tinubu Square, Broad Street, Nnamdi Azikiwe Street and Idumota, among others, the officials gave warnings including: “Remove your goods from the walkways”, “Walkways are not for trading of goods”, “No parking on the highways”, “All shanties erected on walkways should be removed immediately”, “Government no longer allows trading on walkways”.

Others are:  “Today is Thursday, you are expected to clean your environment”, Do not drop your refuse on the highways or in drainages”, “Street trading will not be tolerated”, “Walkways are not parking lots”, “Any goods or vehicles found on the walkway or highway will be impounded and you will not get it again, it has become government property”, “This is your last warning”, “Take your goods into the shops”, “Tricycles, motorcycles, BRT, private cars, commercial buses, taxi drivers, cars for sale, stop parking on the roadside”, “Those of you who trade on the highway you are warned”, “We are concerned about the state moving forward and it is our joint responsibility because this axis should be a freeway”.

Elegushi said the move was to sensitise the people and sanitise the area, to ensure a conducive business environment.

“If the environment is not conducive in terms of sanitation and traffic, we will not achieve a better business atmosphere,” he added,

Elegushi said the waste compactor and towing truck were launched to support the sanitation exercise.

“What we have done today is not a one off thing. It will be a continuous exercise and we will ensure the tempo is maintained. We are not relenting on our efforts, we will continue the process.”

He said there is punishment for violators, adding that the law will take its course.

“To ensure there is compliance with what we have done today, we have commanders and officers on ground, who are to ensure the exercise is maintained. Anyone that fails to sustain and maintain what has been done today will be sanctioned. It is an ongoing process, we have been sensitising people on this and we will continue with the enlightenment.”

Elegushi urged the traders to remove their goods and drivers their vehicles from the roadside.

“If they put their goods on the walkways, then pedestrians will be forced to walk on the highways, and they may be hit by vehicles. All we are doing is to ensure safety for all. I urge people to abide by the law guiding them. If they can follow the rules, there will be no issue between them and the government. We are supposed to be working together,” he said.

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