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A PDP advocacy group, the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL) has urged the national chairman, Sen. Dr. Iyorchia Ayu to follow the path of Ibrahim Tanko Muhammed, the immediate past CJN, which is the path of honour, and resign. 

Speaking with journalists in Maiduguri, the Bornu state capital this afternoon, after a sensitisation meeting with the chapter, CPDPL deputy director, Media and Advocacy, Comrade Mustapha Muhammed, said Ayu is acting far below dignity and statesmanly by refusing to resign and hand over to the deputy chairman south having failed woefully.

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Muhammed stated that With the emergence of Ayu PDP hoped for the best but got what it did not bargain for, the worse in party leadership. And that, the baggage of allegations against the national chairman and his refusal to resign seems to be a deliberate design to fan the embers of voter apathy against PDP and to ensure our party’s electorial misfortune come 2023.

He said that given that, President Buhari APC administration has spectacularly failed to midwife Africa’s largest economy, and as result, Angola has now overtaken Nigeria as Africa’s top oil producer, Nigerians are facing unprecedented economic hardship and severe hunger, and even the epileptic electricity supply is now no more due to frequent collapse of the national grid. But sadly, Dr. Ayu’s leadership is patently incapable of exploiting  APC economic, political, and social quagmires by not illuminating and weaponizing them before Nigerians at home and in the diaspora. What’s more, their Lordships, the Supreme court Justices have had to do ALUTA to save the judiciary from the hand of an incompetent Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) because, for the past seven years plus, PDP is only good at releasing very watery and unimpactful press statements.

He further said that Dr. Ayu’s emergence and Sittightism have unfortunately activated the sleeping mood for our great party and have painted PDP as a northern party. We have moved from fray pan to fire. The most painful thing is that it seems Ayu is not perturbed if PDP loses the 2023 elections as long as he remains the national chairman. 

He is insensitive to the pulse of the southern PDP members and their northern empathizes and does not understand the times. “We have the presidential flag bearer, the national chairman (NC), and the Board of trustees chairman (BoT), if you were to be from the south, would you have accepted this lopsidedness, oppression, deprivation, and insensitivity? If this were to happen to the north, trust me most of our members and leaders from the north my humble self inclusive would have left in droves. The southern PDP members are no fools read their silence, Muhammed stated.
Though Muhammed said his mission in his home state of Bornu is to sensitize the chapter on the ongoing voter registration and collection of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and mobilization of members as discussed in their last national executive meeting in Abuja, but can not avoid talking about the group’s patriotic pursuit for Ayu to resign because PDP has moved from very weak to sleeping opposition party”.

“Today the PDP is being referred to as the Northern Party and called People’s Dollars Party (PDP). See what’s happening in Abia, Imo, Ogun, Oyo, Delta, Ekiti, Osun, Rivers even Lagos. The party is in a serious mess under, I tire for this kind of greedy leader’s way we get for PDP ooo.”

Comrade Muhammed advises the presidential candidate his Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and vice-presidential candidate his excellency Dr. Ifeanyi A. Okowa and other critical stakeholders of the party to act before it’s too late because PDP is fast becoming unpopular under Ayu’s watch. Darkness is taking over Light in PDP.

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