BREAKING: 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan

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An earthquake of 6.1 magnitude struck Japan’s northwestern Chiba Prefecture, which lies east of the capital Tokyo, on Thursday evening, according to Japan Meteorological Agency.

The tremor was measured at an initial depth of 80 kilometers (50 miles). The earthquake was felt strongly in Tokyo, according to CNN teams on the ground.

CNN reporters based in Tokyo said the earthquake was “heart pounding” and really strong.

“We have a safety alert app on our phones. It started going off moments before the shaking saying ‘an earthquake is coming.’ The shaking was really strong. Sounded and felt like the house was going to crumble,” correspondent Blake Essig said.

Picture frames, glasses and dishes fell off walls and shelves, he said. “Definitely got the heart pounding.

“Another CNN correspondent in Tokyo, Selina Wang, said sustained shaking had lasted for more than 30 seconds. An alarm in her building urged residents to stay calm and reminded them that the structure was earthquake-proof.

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