Tonto Dikeh: Why I Don’t Attend Burial Ceremonies

Actress Tonto Dike has explained why she doesn’t attend burial ceremonies.

The mother of one said she vowed since as a teenager not to attend burials and nothing will make her change her mind.

King Tonto, as she’s fondly called, said that her mother’s burial might be the first-ever she would attend.

She wrote: “I’ve never attended a burial before, I will never attend one too.

“I said this when I was a child and I will stick by it. My mom’s burial will/might be my first ever.

“To all my friends that think I’m shutting them out, my reason is that I don’t attempt burials, if I let you attend my mom’s I will owe you same favour and I can’t repay that.

“If you love me pray for my family, if you intend to support me, only pray for me. Don’t send a dime or a consolation message, I don’t do so well with that but know that I appreciate you all a lot and I am grateful.”


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