Project Commissioning: Over A Trillion Naira Spent On Live Coverage – Warmate Debunks Senator Abe’s Claim

A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and National Leader of the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), Comrade Daboikiabo Z. Warmate, from Asari-toru Local Government area of Rivers state, has condemned and debunked the claim by Sen. Magnus Abe, that the Rivers state government has spent over a trillion naira on live coverage across all major television stations in eight years, under governor Wike’s watch.

Sen. Magnus Abe’s claim is laughable and a misrepresentation of the fact, and he urges Rivers people and Nigerians not to rely on it.

Comrade Warmate asks, “Is it that Abe does not know how many billions make a trillion? One billion into one thousand places makes a trillion. I believe his mutated information is a figment of his imagination and that, it’s beyond any human truthful thinking.

In a chat with newsmen in Abuja City on Monday afternoon, Comrade Warmate said, “Gov. Wike that I know, that have the zeal and zest to develop Rivers state and make Rivers people happy, will not spend a such humongous amount on just live coverage alone when he needs money to execute more projects.”

“Gov. Wike that depopularize and dwarfs the opposition parties in Rivers state and beyond with his projects, can’t do such. So I believe, it’s people like Abe that must have made him to engage in live coverage of some of his projects to have undeniable witness and proof.

Speaking further on the issue, the comrade said, no attempt by him to discredit the Rivers governor and PDP or minimize the sterling developmental projects the governor has embarked on in the state will succeed because Rivers people in particular, and Nigerians, in general, have seen what Governor Wike has done for them.

However, Comrade Warmate advises Sen. Abe to channel his energy into productive ventures and desist from such pedestrian lies and unproductive propaganda of running Governor Wike down.”

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