PDP Constitution And Returnees: CPDPL Defends Governor Wike

Alhaji Tasiu M. Muhammed, a Grassroot Political Mobilizer of northern extraction and the general secretary of the Concerned PDP League has lambasted some PDP leaders for their alleged hypocrisy and silence over the issues of loss of seniority as a result of decamping and zoning in PDP.

Recall Saturday Punch reported that, “Party leaders angry with Rivers Gov. over utterances, actions.”  During his presidential campaign, Wike said “those who once left the party should no longer consider themselves as founding fathers of the PDP, adding that they had lost their seniority for defecting”.

Reacting In an interview, Muhammed noted that, the governor of Rivers state His Excellency, Chief, Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike statement is in order and in right standing with section 8, subsection 17, page 9 of the PDP constitution as amended 2017. And it reads:

Status of Return Members (17) “A person who has earlier decamped from the party, but later decides to return to the Party shall lose the seniority and privileges conferred on him by his previous status.”

Take note of these keywords “shall”, “Seniority” and “Privileges” “Lose”, they were not inserted to decorate the constitution, and not activating section 8 subsection 17 and section 7 subsection 3(c) is breeding indiscipline and disloyalty in the party, he said.”

“Some Chieftains of the party may not like the way Governor. Wike said it, but did the truth must be said,  and Governor Wike should be appreciated for his boldness in speaking truth to PDP leaders and members because some of those leaders are now ordinary members according to PDP constitution.”

In the words of Muhammed, “Just imagine a scenario whereby a man marries a woman and divorces her after a while because he suddenly feels, the wife has become very unattractive and unromantic. Later, another man fell in love with the same woman. As the love grows, the woman also glows in beauty. The question is, can her former husband regardless of whether they have children together or not, come back to her even as a friend and exercise the same rights when she was his unattractive wife? The answer is capital NO.

And this is exactly what Governor Wike was trying to convey. If party leaders such as Governor. Wike, former Governor. Makarfi, Senator. David Mark, and many others, did not sacrifice everything to reposition PDP as the party of Government in-waiting, would Atiku, Saraki, Tambuwal, Dino Melaye, Maku, et al, that betrayed the party, come back to PDP and seek party nomination for the electoral contest?”

He called out those leaders and stated that they have no courage to confront their fellow leaders with the truth but have the effrontery to challenge those who dare to do so. 

That PDP leaders have been flauting the party constitution and members are not taking their responsibility of sighting their leaders seriously, does not mean, anyone that stands up to do so should be castigated.
He further pointed out that such a statement will make leaders think twice before taking certain decisions knowing fully will that, there will be a grave consequence.

Muhammed commended Governor Wike and pleaded with him not to off the mic but rather loud it and that the group will support any party patriots (leaders or members) that are not afraid to speak the truth in consonance with the PDP constitution.

He also commends the PDP southern governor’s forum for demanding what is rightfully there’s now and that it’s not the north that is demanding the presidency now but Atiku, Saraki, Tambuwal, and Muhammed. I am from Katsina State, the deputy leader is from Kebbi state, and the Director of communication and advocacy is from Kogi state just to mention but some of CPDPL national officers are from the north, so I can tell you for free and for a fact that the north is not asking for the presidency.

Let it be expressly clear that, we are not supporting any aspirant yet but stand for the rightful and truthful thing to be done in our great party in consonance with the PDP constitution, Muhammed concluded.

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