Only An Irresponsible Father Will Abandon His Child, CPDPL To Ayu, Challenges Dino, Maeba To A TV Debate (See Video)

A revolutionary and golden voice in the PDP, the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL),  has asked if Chief Olabode  George, Sen. Walid Jibril, and many other elders and leaders of PDP calling for Ayu’s resignation are children too?

In a swift reaction to the PDP National Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu’s statement describing those calling for his resignation as children, the CPDPL said it’s most unfortunate and shameful of Dr. Ayu to display such arrogance, contempt, and hatred against southern members of the party.

The CPDPL leader said, “it takes only an irresponsible father to abandon a child at whatever age. The people Dr. Ay refers to as children are grown men and women that have become Foster Daddies and mummies of the party that gave him the lifetime opportunity of becoming the National Chairman. We don’t blame him, but the faulty slotism and allotism system of the party that is being indicted.”

“PDP was a six years old child when Dr. Ayu abandoned it, just as an irresponsible father would do to his own child. Dr. Ayu has lost his status as a founding father as stated in the PDP constitution as amended 2017, Section 17, which states that “A person who has earlier decamped from the party but later decides to return to the party shall lose the seniority and privileges conferred on him by his previous status,” Comrade Warmate humbly reminded Dr. Ayu. 

Comrade Warmate alleged that ” Ayu wants to destroy PDP by refusing to resign even when all odds are against him, and he has displayed incompetence in the management of the primary elections, and bias when he visited Governor Tambuwal, declaring him as the hero of the convention, instead of visiting all the Presidential Aspirants to appease them and settle any differences that emerged from the primary election campaign.

All the key positions in the party and public offices cannot come from one region. It is regrettable that both The National Chairman and the Presidential Candidate seem reluctant to resolve the issues that emerged during the Presidential campaign. The rift between Governor Wike and Atiku is over three months and unresolved, for example. And Dr. Ayu cannot contain himself and has taken sides in the dispute. Also as at the last count, Dr. Ayu is yet to give an account of how much was generated during the primaries.  We are not begging Ayu to go, we are demanding he must go, it’s Southern PDP’s right to demand what is rightfully theirs.

Dr. Ayu as the Director General of the Atiku Campaign Organisation in 2007 under the Action Congress (AC) could only give him 2.6 million votes. Also, Dr. Ayu was impeached as Senate President in November 1993. He has failed in galvanizing a formidable and viable opposition for the suffering masses of this country. Do you know the implication of a country not having capital project spending in its budget, which is the case of Nigeria’s 2023 budget? 

Comrade Warmate also punctured the claims by Sen. Maeba and Melaye that it is unconstitutional for Ayu to resign and that his resignation close to the election will affect the party as a big white lie. He said Ayu’s resignation is constitutional and that his resignation will not affect the party in any way.

He, therefore, challenges Lee and Dino to a debate on National TV to give reasons why Ayu must not resign as the National Chairman of PDP and that PDP has become sleeping and snoring opposition party under Ayu’s watch. 

Comrade Warmate “said we know it is not the north that demanded that the presidency under PDP be zone to the north but a microcosm of PDP aspirants from the north so, if they don’t have the capacity to take the risk of relinquishing the PDP National Chairmanship seat to the south before the general election, then while they not be contented with the National Chairman position and allow the south that is willing to take the risk produce the presidential candidate rather than at the expense of the southern PDP unjustly wanting to keep both seats with lies and unfounded stories. Ayu Must Go for PDP to win the 2023 election.

“I urge our presidential candidate to be weary of praise singers and those without electoral values to avoid his ambition being killed by them by honourably resigning. Most of them could not give him the required 25% vote in 2019, and they have come again.”


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