EXCLUSIVE: Senator Abe Accepts Defeat and Stop Being A Pariah – Anabraba

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Abe Accepts Defeat and Stop Being A Pariah – Anabraba

Mac-Miller Anabraba (Chairman, Buhari Support Group, North East England & Media Entrepreneur)

Senator Magnus Abe’s recent repudiation of rumours of his imminent defection to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is a parody and political hokum. The Senator’s implied conjecture of a split or faction in Rivers All Progressive Congress (APC) is a wishful thinking.

Firstly, despite any perceived concomitant imbroglio, following the Supreme Court recent judgement, the All Progressive Congress in Rivers is an exciting and democratic, one indivisible party, under the leadership of His Excellency, the Rt. Hon Rotimi Amaechi, as well as the Chairmanship of Chief Ojukayi Flag Amachree.

Secondly, the All Progressive Congress (APC) is the most vibrant and fastest growing political party in Rivers, receiving hundreds of defectors from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to its fold, on a daily basis.

Thirdly, Tonye Cole as the APC governorship candidate for the looming 2019 election won the overwhelming votes of the delegates in the last primary contest.

In an attempt to unravel the reasons for Senator Abe’s intransigent rejection of the will of the delegates, as expressed in the recently concluded primary election, it is imperative therefore, to lift the veil to identify the key strange characters that are the mastermind of Senator Abe’s fight against our wonderful party.

  1. As we all know, the People Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers is in a deep dark hole. With Governor Nyesom Wike’s woeful performance, his lack of understanding of governance and leadership, rampaging kidnapping and escalating gun crimes, Rivers people can’t wait to bout out Wike’s and his failed PDP administration.
  2. A passive observer of Rivers politics would readily concur that like Mama Taraba, Senator Abe is allegedly deemed to be APC in the Day and PDP in the Night.
  3. Also just like the Sanhedrin Nicodemus, Senator Abe is a quite loyalist of both Governor Wike and Senator Bukola Saraki.
  4. And in the light of the fact that Rivers indigenes, residents, captains of industry and NGO’s are all coalescing behind the candidature of Tonye Cole, Governor Wike’s only hope is to use Senator Abe to create an atmosphere of disunity in our party, with a view to slow down the growing haemorrhage of PDP supporters from joining the APC.

As progressives, we believe that political contest is not about a do or die affair. In 2016, the Vermont Senator, Bernie Saunders, lost a bitterly fought Democratic Party Presidential Primary contest to Senator Hillary Clinton, for example. But in the end, peace prevailed among them and within the party. Senator Saunders did not prevaricate or used his supporters as subterfuge to disrupt Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign. My advice for Senator Magnus Abe is to quickly borrow a leaf out of the loyal Senator Bernie Saunders book.

Although I have always encouraged people to pursue their dreams with great determination and vigour, but there may be times, when you may have to allow your dream or ambition to be subjugated for the greater and common good of your party, community, state or nation. And this is my fundamental quarrel with Senator Abe.

However, in the unlikely event that Senator Abe have a second thought and desist from his fruitless war path, my door will be opened to him.

Our nation is in unusual time. We cannot afford to be complacent but to synergies and re-focus our energy, attention and resources, to expose and warn Nigerians of the real danger of unprecedented treasury looting, celebration of corruption and corrupt personalities, as well as an outbreak of social and economic Armageddon, if the phoney Aticulated Waziri of Adamawa, is allowed to get in.

Written By:

Mac-Miller Anabraba (Chairman, Buhari Support Group, North East England)