DSS: Rescinds Invitation To Bishop Kukah Immediately Or Invite Gumi And Akintola Too – EYA

A Christian group under the presage of the ECUMENICAL YOUTH ASSOCIATION (EYA) has strongly condemned the invitation extended to Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah.

The group questions the necessity and use of the invitation. In a brief press release signed by to of its leaders, the group urged the DSS to withdraw the invitation that it is put the service in bad light before the Christian community in the country. 

The Full Statement:  
DSS Leave Bishop Kukah Alone
We are constrained to demand that, the Department of State Security (DSS) should immediately recall the letter inviting bishop Kukah for questioning over his views on issues as they affect Nigerians. That was how the same DSS invited the late Dr. Obediah Mailafia before we lost him to the cold hand of death but refused to invite sheikh GUMI. 

Sheikh GUMI and Prof. Akintola have been boastfully making reckless statements without an invitation extended to them, to the knowledge of the public. The DSS should be very careful not to make Christians in the country think that they are trying to silence them.

The question is that what has bishop kukah said that, neither sheikh GUMI nor Prof. Akintola has not said. They have even said worse things that have the capacity to incite religious and regional tension but no known public invitation to them by the DSS.

All Christians and Nigerians with a good conscience are solidly behind bishop kukah because he has done no wrong to deserve such an invitation. So we advise the DSS that, it’s not too late to withdraw their invitation letter.

The invitation to Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah by the DSS is imbued with religious and ethnic sentiments. It is also an invitation to the Body of Christ in Nigeria, most especially the leaders, youths, and patriotic-minded Nigerians.

Sign Daboikiabo Z. Warmate President
Gbenga Adedamola Secretary, National Affairs
God bless the Body of ChristGod bless Nigeria God bless EYA

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