Dr Kailani Muhammad, APC Chieftain, Weds A Beauty In Katsina (Photos)

Engineer Kailani Muhammad PhD, took a new wife in Katsina on Saturday, 20th July 2019.

The bride Khadija Bishir Lawal, a gorgeous Fulani, from Katsina.

The Bride Hadija on Fulani Day
Family of the Bride: from left to right, Hauwa, bride’s mum, Zainab and Aisha

The ceremony was a four-day event, which started on Wednesday with Fulani/Kunshi event, Thursday with the Kamu event, Friday with Yinin Biki event and culminated into the penultimate ceremony on Saturday, at the Mallam Falalu Mosque, Sabon Titin Darma Katsina.

The Bride and her mum

Denton News correspondent Gambo followed the bride and the groom on a convoy to their new home in Kaduna on Saturday.

Committee of Friends of the Bride on Fulani Day
Yusuf, Hauwa and Aisha (The Bried’s brother and sisters)
The Groom’s sister and cousin

Dr Kailani Muhammad is a Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and National Director of Media, Presidential Support Committee (PSC).

Bride and Groom
Dr Kailani appreciating friends and well-wishers for attending the occasion

Dr Muhammad is an academic, an entrepreneur and publisher of the online newspaper, the Liberator.ng

The Bride before the event of Yinin Biki
Bride and Groom
The Bride and Groom, Gambo (Denton News Correspondent) and well-wishers
The Bride
The Bride

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