Donald Trump Has COVID-19

In the early hours of Friday morning, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he and his First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive COVID-19.

On Thursday, news broke that one of Trump’s closest advisers, Hope Hicks, had tested positive for COVID-19 after being in close contact with the president. According to the New York Times:

[Hicks] traveled with Mr. Trump to the presidential debate in Ohio on Tuesday and accompanied him aboard Air Force One to Minnesota for a campaign rally on Wednesday night.

In response to Hicks’ positive test, Trump had tweeted that he would be quarantining for 14 days:

In a phone-in appearance on Fox News on Thursday night, Trump had suggested that Hicks might have contracted the disease from military personnel.

“She’s a very warm person,” Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News. “When soldiers and law enforcement come up to her,” he said, she greets them.

Shortly after Trump’s announcement that he and Melania had tested positive themselves, the first lady tweeted:


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