BREAKING: No Man is God: But “You Once Played God”-CPDPL Reminds Atiku

Ahead of the fast approaching 2023 general election and as the banter between the aggrieved members/groups and the Atiku group continue, pressure and an aggrieved group of the People’s Democratic Party, the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), has thrown missile at Atiku for allegedly attacking gov. Wike. 

CPDPL’s reaction is coming on the heels of the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar’s, recent statement that “the people of the People’s Democratic Party are tired of the pompous attitude of Wike.” He further said, “Wike knows very well that he is not God, and I will become the president of Nigeria with or without his help. “My success is in the hands of God and the people of Nigeria, so don’t think that I am going to fail without you.”

But Speaking in Hausa during an interview in Katsina, Katsina State, the Katsina-born politician, and CPDPL general Secretary, Tasiu M. Muhammed dispelled the statement of the PDP presidential standard bearer.
He said,”it is very important and expedient at this point to remind  Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Nigerians how he Atiku played god with his angels (Followers) to the point of allegedly humiliating a seating president produced by our great party and causing the party political crash in 2014/15, in case he has forgotten”.

He further alleged that “if Atiku is today describing gov. Wike’s attitude as pompous, then there will be no words to describe his own pompousness in 2014/15. And let me also correct another impression that, PDP members are tired of Wike, the truth is that, we are not tired of Gov. Wike at all and he is not displaying a pompous attitude but rather he is a dogged and resilient politician who has sacrificed a lot for the party. When and How does fighting for justice, equity, inclusivity, and fairness amounts to pompousness?” 

“Atiku should accept the fact that he has failed us woefully. Even here in Katsina state, the party is divided between our former governor, Alhaji Shehu Shema, and Sen. Lado. We stand with the integrity group and may support and mobilise for the presidential candidate they chose to support. 
Alhaji Muhammed use the opportunity to express profound confidence in the national leader of the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), comrade Daboikiabo Z. Warmate, describing him as a unique young political space in the political firmament of Nigeria, that has done in their group, what Atiku and Ayu are unable to do in PDP. He has sacrificed a lot for PDP even at the expense of his convenience. 

In His words, “Let me use this opportunity to say two things about our leader, comrade D. Z. Warmate, because of the rumours making around that, Gov. Wike has given him millions enough to make him a multi-millionaire that’s why he or the group is defending him as no other PDP member or non-member has ever defended Gov. Wike. 

Comrade Warmate is a very committed and loyal leader whose loyalty is not informed by any financial gratification but rather by his principle. He has turned down several financial offers right from the time we started the Secondus must go to the presidential convention of our great party, so we can say confidently that, he has not been given Shi-Shi by Gov. Wike. Also, Governor Wike high sense of Nigeria’s Unity, and his love for the PDP is second to none. He practices inclusivity, equity, fairness, and justice in our group and that’s why the propaganda that Wike had given him millions with the intention to pinch some executives and members against him by mischief makers failed woefully. He is to discipline for that.”

Muhammed urged Christians to imbibe the virtues of Jesus who is the reason for the season as he wishes all Christians a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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