BOKO HARAM: I Saw Alice, She Said Grace And Leah Are Fine – Jennifer

The recently released Jennifer Ukambong Samuel has confirmed she met with Alice, who was abducted by members of the Boko Haram sect about two years ago.

Miss Samuel from Plateau State is an aid worker who was abducted by Boko Haram on December 22, 2019 Borno State while on her way to Jos for the Christmas celebration but was released last week and has since been reunited with her family in Jos.

She told journalists in Jos that while in captivity, she met with Alice who informed her that Grace Taku and Leah Sharibu are alive and fine in the forest.

According to her, “They (abductors) were trying to prepare us in case they didn’t release us, we are going to be their slaves and they will be sexual involvements and all that but we were trying to play with us psychologically, trying to tell us in the Koran that if you abduct someone to be your slave, you can have such privileges with the person.

“They were telling us that Islam is the religion that God bless and we will lose if we don’t convert to be Muslims. When they released us, they told us that we were going that God does not want us to stay there, at first they were telling us to convert to Islam or be their slaves but later they can decide to release us because it is part of their rules and it is in the Koran so when they told us they are going to free us since God doesn’t want us to stay there.

“When the news came, it was up to five days before they released us so we were just praying that God should intervene. Five of us were released, two females and two males, others are still in captivity. I actually met Alice that was abducted two years ago, all of them need our prayers earnestly. We need to stand and pray for them; it is only God that can do it.

“Alice is Okay but she said she has accepted her fate since she has stayed there for two years and she said Grace and Leah are fine. I didn’t see Leah but Alice said she is Ok. I only saw Alice.”

Credit: Vanguard

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