Amir Khan Intervenes In Feud As Wife Is Slammed For Wearing Un-Islamic...

Amir Khan Intervenes In Feud As Wife Is Slammed For Wearing Un-Islamic Clothes

Boxer Amir Khan and Model Wife Faryal Khan

Model Faryal Makhdoom Khan, 25, has been slammed by her husband parents for wearing un-Islamic clothes and no headscarf.  The wife alleged recently that for the past three years she had been bullied ‘physically and mentally’ by her in-laws, although the in-laws had rejected the accusation.

She alleges that she was snipped out of family photographs and deemed a ‘bad Muslim’ if she bared any skin. What was a private family rift is now being fought in public.

But the boxer has described the actions of wife and parents as ‘childish’. The boxer has released a statement on Twitter, and said: ‘’I have supported my wife, and that’s because she was in the right.

Since I’ve been married I’ve seen how my family and siblings have treated her. It wasn’t fair. I’m not happy that it’s come out. It was a private matter and should’ve kept private’’.

The statement continued: ‘’My siblings were posting on social media over and over again. I asked my father to have them remove it and no one listened to me. I was patient and kept quiet but Faryal said she couldn’t take it anymore and had to speak up. So she did. I supported her when it came to family bothering her or upsetting her. But I did not support siblings or my wife to be this childish all over the media, crying and bashing one another. It’s really getting out of control and needs an end’’.


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