A Rejoinder To Comments BY Uche Secondus, Umar Ado, Umar Sani & Walid Jibrin On PDP Convention & 2023 – Concerned PDP League

The woeful performance of some of the immediate past National Working Committee (NWC) members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and most especially the former Chairman of the party, attracted a series of backlash from both critical and non-critical stakeholders, and prominent amongst them are the Concerned PDP League, a number of governors, and party leaders. The situation snowballed into an early Party Convention, which was the first of its kind in the history of the PDP.

In a swift rejoinder to the separate statements issued by Dr. Umar Ado (former advisers to former Vice-President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar) and Alhaji Umar Sani (former media adviser to former Vice President Arch. Namadi Sambo), close allies of the former Chairman Prince Uche Secondus.

The former aides and former national chairman faulted the last National Convention, insisting that it was illegally conducted in violation of the PDP constitution. They stated clearly that as things are, the Supreme Court will decide if all is well within the PDP as the convention that brought the Iyorchia Ayu led National Executive was conducted against the constitution of the party.

The Concerned PDP League condemned the above statements and called on the people behind them to show contrition, and eschew antagonistic, selfishness, and wickedness against the equanimity, stability and great progress of the PDP in wrestling power away from the inept and disastrous Buhari APC Administration.

The statement was issued in Abuja, by the Leader of the Concerned PDP League, Comrade Daboikiabo Z. Warmate, and the General Secretary, Alhaji Tasiu Muhammed. They insisted that the communique issued in Port-Harcourt by PDP Governors after the National Convention is indicative of a stable and agile party, poised to answer the overwhelming callings of Nigerians to bring socio-economic succor and an end to the widespread security nightmares and challenges to the dithering and incompetent Buhari APC Administration.

“We just want it to be Crystal clear that, we are not holding brief for anybody, that’s the job of the NC and NPS or the governor’s forum, which is the job of the chairman or DG of the forum, but as party patriots, we are stating the truth not just our position as a vocal group in the PDP”.

“The problem is that, most of our leaders don’t read the party constitution, they just float or beask in the euphoria of their past or present glory and because they have the resources to access the media, they tends to mislead party patriots and Nigerians with their ignorance”.

“First of all, was the conduct of the October 30 and 31, 2021, national convention illegal or inconsistent with our constitution as amended 2017, as alleged by both former aides former national chairman? No of course. They did not even make reference to any section that is inconsistent with the constitution to buttress their point.”

“How would it have been illegal?  When were the national officer and ogan of the party that had the powers to convene or Summon national convention as provided by the constitution of our great party as amended 2017 where all available? There was an acting national chairman that exercised the powers of the national chairman in his absences (suspension) and NEC met. The answer can be found in section 35(1)a,b & 2, (3)c, 31(1)a & (2)a. Did the party substantially comply with these provisions in conducting the convention? 100% yes.”

“Secondly, was Secondus suspended by the party at his ward, local government area, and state, and the suspension confirmed by a court of coordinate and competent jurisdiction? of course yes. The reason given by his ward Executive committee is found in section 8(14).

“They claimed that the PDP governor’s forum is alien to our constitution. We believe it’s a lack of understanding of the PDP constitution. We would have given them a reference in the constitution of our party, but they should look for it themselves.

For the avoidance of doubt, the PDP governor’s forum is recongenize by our constitution. We want to make it abundantly clear to all that, our great party is doing well and very stable now.

Nigerians have seen the worst that they would not have even wished for their enemies how much more themselves under this failed APC/Buhari-led federal government, and as such has come to terms and accept our RESCUING & REBUILDING Nigeria slogan. So the very watery claims by the two antigonist of progress and their co travellers, will not dissued the protagonist of progress in our great party. Our former national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus should accept his fate. 

The group also took a sweep at the BoT chairman’s statement during a commissioning programme in Bauchi State. 
“The Chairman, Board of Trustees, (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Walid Jibrin on Wednesday in Bauchi assured Governor Bala Mohammed on the support of the BoT on his 2023 political ambition”, as published by BluePrint newspaper on 19th January, 2022.

According to the Concerned PDP League  “it’s very wrong for a founding father and BoT chairman to have made such comment. The statement can create doubt in the minds of others who have presidential ambition as gov. Bala Muhammed, of the neutrality of the BoT and its chairman, if any matter relating to who will become the presidential candidate of our party is being discussed by BoT members. It’s an open secret that Gov. Bala is also eyeing the number one seat.

Gov. Bala can be commended in many ways by the BoT chair for making the party proud with his laudable people-oriented projects without going to that extent. We as a group have nothing against him and urge him to continue to make the party proud by doing more projects for the good people of Bauchi State, we appreciate all his efforts in doing so.

Leaders should be careful with their statements because it has a way of swaying opinions toward a particular direction. We understand very well that, they also have their personal interest but they should remain with them. 

We are, therefore, tempted to write a petition urging our  BoT chairman to tender his resignation. At this crucial time of the party. We want people that are at least seen to be neutral in their words and action not minding their personal interests.
Read the  statements of Umar Ado & Umar Sani below:

Umar Sani, was quoted to have said, October 2021 conventional. “is illegal and illicit actions leading to the convening of an unconstitutional national convention through underhand dealings which denied its rightful National Chairman the powers to exercise his mandate freely given to him by the National delegates of the party at the Dec 2017 National Convention”.

Both Umar Ado and Umar Sani are reacting to the PDP communique in Port Harcourt, which said, “The PDP Governors congratulated the entire PDP family for conducting a smooth and credible National Convention that led to the emergence of the highly acclaimed Senator Dr. Iyorchia Ayu-led National Executive Committee and commended the new PDP NWC for hitting the ground running with respect to repositioning the PDP into a credible vehicle for RESCUING and REBUILDING Nigeria …”. Which is the right thing to do, and the governor’s of our great party did it.

Former media aide to Namadi Sambo argued that the statement was aimed to give the impression that all is well “At this time that the matter is billed for adjudication by the apex court, it is foolhardy for an unconstitutional body to convene and rain accolades on themselves and a few accomplices that assisted in truncating a credible internal democracy.

“Highly influential stakeholders with a large following like Dr Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso and a silent majority are awaiting the outcome of the judicial trial to chart their political future. Therefore for a pressure group to make bogus claims of having conducted a “smooth and credible” national convention is indeed heresy. It is a known fact that the entire exercise was characterized by the flagrant violation of the party’s constitution which has resulted in litigations.
“How does a political party that hopes to reclaim power from an aggressive opponent like the APC build its foundation on nothing. Unless the party builds its foundation on the rule of law and natural justice its aspiration may be encumbered. For the avoidance of doubt, the issue as to the credibility or otherwise of the purported national convention is before the highest court of the land for determination, therefore it will be reckless and amount to a political subterfuge to copiously craft and disseminate a deceptive communique which seeks to breathe life to a dead action. Such an action cannot deter the cause and course of justice.”

Umar Ardo in his reaction, asked, “How can the governors claimed that PDP conducted a “smooth and credible” national convention when in truth the entire exercise was conducted in breach of the very constitution of the party itself? When at the time of the exercise the matter was a subject of judicial litigation?

” How can the party also then hope to build itself into a “credible vehicle” when its very foundation is in truth unconstitutional and fraudulent? Can any governor attest in truth that Secondus was removed as national chairman as stipulated by the party constitution?

“The answer to all these questions is a Big No. It is the same do-gooders who, against all wise counsel, imposed Senator Ali Modu Sherrif on the party in 2016, an act that nearly destroyed the party to its very foundation, are the same adventurers that in this case dragged their state judiciary to put its seal on an unconstitutional political subterfuge which Secondus is today battling to correct at the Supreme Court in order to safe the party, safe our judiciary, safe our democracy and our country.

“For all, I know this is what is before the Supreme Court to determine, and therefore no amount of political trickery and copious crafting of deceptive communique by the party or its pressure groups such as the Governors’ Forum will deter the cause and course of rule of law and pursuit of justice in the effort to attain noble objectives for the party and for the country”.Dr. Umar Ardo insisted.

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