2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: EU And UK Faces Refugees Catastrophe If Phony Atiku’s...

2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: EU And UK Faces Refugees Catastrophe If Phony Atiku’s PDP Wins On Saturday – Anabraba

Mac-Miller Anabraba (Chairman, Buhari Support Group, North East England & Media Entrepreneur)

Phony Atiku and his unapologetic cronies in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) looted our nation’s treasury and left Nigeria in a near economic paralysis before they were unceremoniously booted out of office in 2015.

This irredeemable, pigheaded group of lifetime looters would unleash unprecedented economic and humanitarian Armageddon on our Nation, Africa and Europe if they are allowed to sneak back into power, after the Presidential election this Saturday 16th February 2019.

It is pathetic that, despite having US Congressional indictment dangling over his head for alleged monumental corruption, phony Atiku and his PDP are shamelessly going about trying to hoodwink and sleepwalk Nigerians to the polling booths on Saturday. This is clearly indicative of the extent to which the cancer of corruption has eating so deeply into the fabric of Nigerian society. Can this even be contemplated in other climes?

The PDP took Nigerians for granted for 16 years but the tide is gradually turning. Nigerians are becoming wiser, sophisticated and discerning. What is more, Nigerians have taken a good Hard Look at phony Atiku’s PDP and can’t wait to inflict a heavy defeat on them this Saturday.  

For some strange reasons however, phony Atiku’s well rehearsed position on the re-structuring discourse, excluded mineral resources deposited in the creeks, rivers or sea. He posited that these resources should continue to be subjected to the existing revenue sharing arrangement. 

On the flipside, phony Atiku contended that economic re-structuring should be centred around mineral resources deposited in-land or on shore, whereby the states are given the power to control their own resources while paying a given percentage to the Government at the centre.

Meanwhile, by focusing his much heralded economic re-structuring blue print, premised on in-land and offshore mineral resources dichotomy, phony Atiku has unwittingly, exposed his innate hatred and discrimination against the people of the Niger Delta. Perhaps, his motivation and desperation to sell off NNPC and the refineries in the Niger Delta region is imbued with his disdain against the Niger Delta.

The Chairman of UNDB,His Highness, Chief Sara Igbe Anabs addresses the delegates (Photo Credit: Denton News)

The United Niger Delta for Buhari (UNDB) group, led by His Highness Chief Sara Igbe Anabs, has been sensitising and mobilising over 3 million votes for Buhari in the Niger Delta. This would make it impossible for the enemies of the Niger Delta including phony Atiku, from executing their insidious and inimical agenda.

Phony Atiku said if he wins the election;

  1. Treasury looters will be cocooned and be given National Amnesty
  2. A ‘Looters Charter’ bill will be presented before the National Assembly, given new and skewed definition to patriotism and statutory backing to treasury looting, corruption and other malfeasance. May God deliver our nation from the jaws of these sharks?
  3. NNPC and the refineries in the Niger Delta will be sold off
  4. The diminishing Obasanjo will be appointed Nigeria’s Ambassador Extraordinary 
  5. Atiku/Obasanjo will cede another Nigerian territory, Bakassi phase 2 to Cameroon. Perhaps, this time, in exchange for Cameroon military support for fighting Boko Haram on the border. 
  6. The dreaded anticipated economic and social Armageddon will become reality.
  7. Recently, Bank PHB was killed and CBN will be the next target.

During PDP last dispensation, they sold off our national assets to their friends, including:

1. Nigerian Airways, 2. NEPA, 3. NAFCON, 4. Nigerian Shipping Line, 4. NITEL, 5. Decimated Port-Harcourt, Warri and Kaduna Refineries, 6. Ceded part of our nation’s territory, Bakassi, to a foreign country and rendered our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, nephews, nieces and cousins as IDP’s, so that the diminishing Obasanjo would allegedly, be awarded a Nobel peace prize. 7. Killed off Societe General Bank, Trader Bank and others.

In the event of an unlikely phony Atiku’s PDP victory, the European Union, United Kingdom, and the United States of America, should prepare a plan of action and respond to the high possibility of large waves of Nigerian refugees, risking their lives on the harsh Sahara Desert to cross the Mediterranean Sea and into Europe.

And the last convey to depart Nigeria, should turn the light off. Sadly, this is the inevitable ramification of humongous corruption and for the EU, UK and US dithering over standing with Buhari and Nigeria against corruption.

Therefore, Nigeria, Africa, Europe, America and the rest of the world are on tenterhooks.

This is the moment to choose our nations destiny. It is the time to choose between:

  • Good or evil
  • Light or darkness
  • Integrity or corruption
  • Governing for the many or Governing for the self/few

Europeans, Americans and others have always chosen what is in their nation’s best interest above any other consideration.

Let us emulate them and make our choices in the best interest of our nation. Let us choose President Buhari and APC to take our nation to the Next Level of infrastructural consolidation and development, trajectory of economic growth and prosperity, industrial renaissance, societal equanimity and patriotism.

Mac-Miller Anabraba

Chairman, Buhari Support Group North East England & Media Entrepreneur

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